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New Video: HHS Mandate and Religious Liberty

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What would Diedrich Bonhoeffer have to say about the HHS mandate? Eric Metaxas–best selling author of the biographies on William Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer:Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy gives us some insight in this 2 minute video that explains the real issue behind the HHS Mandate: Religious liberty

He’s joined by economist Jennifer Roback Morse, a Catholic economist and founder and president of the Ruth Institute. The short video distills the fact that opposition to HHS Mandate is not about the morality of contraception or even abortion. It is about religious liberty and maintaing the freedom of religion that our Founders realized was so important to a free society. The mandate is uniting Catholics, evangelicals and people from all beliefs to stand for religious freedom.

Share this video so people can learn what the HHS mandates means for our religious freedom and learn more at Acton’s Healthcare Page and the Fortnight for Freedom

Michael Matheson Miller


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  • ann forsyth

    excellent video, patrice and michael. very informative, to be sure. attending the ‘fortnight of prayer’ in our community. very similar messages along with the fact that when the communists took over hungary, the first thing they did was to get the ‘media’ on their side. Result: REAL news never made it to the forefront. just what was intended by the communist govt. this is the first entry to NO FREE SPEECH at least to a guarded speech. we can see much of that in our own media. further, european historical evidence has shown that even priests (in very liberal communities) are not to be trusted to carry our rooted ‘message.’ thanks for publishing our Catholic/Christian message.

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  • nonplus

    Religions organizations that serve and employ people of all faiths need to offer the same choices to their staff and clients as every other organization does. If the staff is exclusively catholic or the clients are exclusively catholic, then, and only then, is it a question of religious liberty.

    • So, Nonplus, you’re advocating for discrimination. But because Christians are called to be charitable to people regardless of belief or creed, their own beliefs are forfeit? That’s some twisted logic, Nonplus.

      To say that one is bound to the beliefs of the other person they’re serving or interacting with leads to all sorts of ridiculousness. By that logic, I have a right to demand that an atheist working at the DMV pray with me before I finish my vehicle registration.

    • The act that the HHS Contraceptive Mandate requires is actually antithetical to good healthcare, as is clear to anyone that bothers to study the side effects of contraception at any length. Aside from violating religious freedom, encouraging people to use substances that have such a high rate of failure, cancer and depression inducing properties, and negative effects on other species, in the name of “Health and Human Services” is contradictory and idiotic. Requiring hospitals to provide contraceptives violates their obligation to seek the well being of their patients.

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