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Obamacare ruling ‘a turn to tyranny’

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Fr. Hans Jacobse
On the Observer blog (and picked up on Catholic Online), Antiochian Orthodox priest Fr. Hans Jacobse predicts that the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling will, “by the middle of the next generation” lead those who worked for this program — or ignored the threat — to be “cursed” by their own children. “The children will weep by the waters of Babylon, unearthing old movies and books of an America they never knew,” Jacobse writes.

Antonio Gramsci, that great architect of the coming oppression was a shrewd man. He understood that the overthrow of the great liberal tradition would be a journey that would take generations. It would require a long march through the cultural institutions, overthrowing line by line and precept by precept those bedrock moral values upon which the freedom of men was first defined and later codified into law. Today the children of the great people of the Magna Carta, of English Common Law, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution worship instead pleasure, safety, and wealth.

The God of Abraham has been forgotten, the same God who freed Abraham from the delusion of polytheism and the Israelite from the tyranny of Egypt, who gave man a Gospel from which insights into the nature and dignity man was drawn, and whose teachings unleashed a creativity that brought healing and light into a world in ways that would astonish the prophets and philosophers of old. And in that forgetting, we embrace a darkness the depth of which most of us do not yet perceive.

Read “The Republic is Finished and the America We Knew is Gone” on the American Orthodox Institute’s Observer blog.

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  • We are right back, where we were, before the Revolutionary War. The beginning of this, once great country.

  • Paul D.

    That article is hilarious. A hundred year struggle to overthrow liberalism (which is apparently equivalent with Christianity) has reached completion because some middle-class families will have their historically-all-time-low tax rates bumped up slightly if they don’t carry health insurance. Babylon, indeed.

    Yet western civilization can be saved if we just go to the voting booths in November and vote for people with different letters after their names.

    Never mind that ten years ago they controlled all three branches and governed largely in the same manner as the present administration. Never mind that twenty years ago they introduced three bills to Congress that incorporated individual mandates.

    The “salvation through partisanship” myth. The ever-enduring dangling carrot for people who are easy to scare and fast to forget.

    • tperry

      This is not about partisanship as you suggest. Why is it that most so-called progressives reduce every political issue to partisanship. Both democrats and republicans are at fault when it comes to taking away our individual liberties. Have you forgotten that John Roberts was a republican appointee? I agree with your “salvation through partisanship” myth. I am not sure that you do.

  • Brobama

    Well… The Catholic Church DOES know a thing or two about tyranny. They got very good at it for a while, if I remember correctly.

  • Roger McKinney

    Romney-care is a minor blip on the road to tyranny. We started down that road before WWII with “Progressivism”. We lost most of our freedoms under FDR.

    • There were efforts to increase the power of government right from the beginning. The Constitution has been inadequate to the task of assurring and protecting Liberty. Are we not in need of another revolution?