America’s debt is creating not servants of higher things but slaves to government, says Ray Nothstine in this week’s Acton Commentary.

As our nation’s $17 trillion debt spirals out of control, and spiritual disciplines decline in the West, we need to face the reality of America’s inability to collectively sacrifice. Even the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg seemed to pass this year with scant attention, as if such extreme sacrifice is alien and distant to our way of life today.

Washington’s brokenness is cheered by a majority of the political class, declaring a “crisis averted.” The “crisis” for a majority of the leaders in Washington, however, is not our debt or insatiable appetite to spend, but the notion that it might possibly involve limitations or must end in belt-tightening.

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  • sidneyspit

    But Americans are willing to sacrifice their privacy and personal liberty to support Obama. Whatever your politics, socialism under any guise has never worked anywhere its been tried and never brought prosperity. Until we start electing virtuous leaders, nothing will change. However, walk thorough any Wal-Mart at 3 AM and you’ll see how and why Obama got elected and why the USA is in the state it’s in.