Blog author: jballor
Tuesday, January 3, 2006

First item in this month’s Christianity Today Bookmarks.

Conclusion: “Disconcertingly, Stark argues without qualification, nuance, and the balancing of perspectives that academics love so much. Nonetheless, he may be right.”

  • Daniel

    I’ve just got through this issue with my wife. She asked me that if our country’s government (Brazil) were not so messed up with bribe and corruption and if we had more honest politicians, then we’d experince a better-off society and our economy would prosper much faster, as well. I told her that among other things, when the first settlers arrived on this land a poor and unnefective christianity was taught and the results of it are rooted all around the nation. So, a reform from the top political ranks wouldn’t solve that much, once it’s a matter of principles that should have been massively inculcated into people’s souls.