Blog author: kjayabalan
Thursday, April 21, 2005

Reporting on an act of vandalism on the cathedral of Buenos Aires, Reuters asserts that Latin America is a region “whose poor and hungry often cannot afford to follow Roman Catholic doctrine.”

How’s that??? Reuters does not expand on its theology, but we can take a guess at what this all implies. The poor and hungry cannot be expected to follow the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion and contraception, because we all know that poverty and hunger are alleviated by uninhibited sexual activity. It’s a nice twist on the liberation theology condemned by Cardinal Ratzinger in the 1980s, isn’t it?

We can expect more of the same, along with bogus accusations of Ratzinger’s Nazi past, from the disgruntled foes of Pope Benedict XVI.

HT: Power Line

  • Good job, Kishore. You tell the truth and eventually, if you keep on, it will bring freedom from evil and joy in goodness. Thumbs up, from me.