Blog author: jballor
Friday, April 22, 2005

In a special edition of Acton Commentary from Rome, Rev. Robert Sirico writes that “insofar as the new papacy has implications for economics and politics, it is in the direction of a humane and unifying liberalism. I speak not of liberalism as we know it now, which is bound up with state management and democratic relativism, but liberalism of an older variety that placed it hopes in society, faith, and freedom.”

Read the full text here.

  • Mari Hobgood

    Beautifully written, as usual. But I take issue with your statement "Communism came and went." Went where? It is alive and still in N. Korea, China, and Cuba. It’s not doing so badly in Russia, either. And it has rabid defenders here in the universities and in the media where they continue to lure followers. Communism lives. Don’t be like the hero in the horror movies who thinks he has killed the monster and turns his back on him. Sequels are made of such moments.
    Yours truly,
    Mari Hobgood