Pat Nolan, president of Justice Fellowship, writes about the challenges that non-profits face in seeking funding, in the latest Justice eReport, “Equpping the Armies of Compassion.” Nolan highlights the Acton Institute’s Samaritan Guide and We Care America, which has a grant center that assists charities in getting proposals together.

And on a related note, Joe Knippenberg at No Left Turns critiques an article by Amy Sullivan in The New Republic, “Patron Feint,” which depicts the faith-based initiative as a mere political tool to satisfy the GOP’s evangelical base.

  • John

    Funding would be a lot easier if there were rules forcing major tax-exempt organizations to spend their money or lose their tax-exempt status. For example, if entities like the Ford Foundation were required by law to give away at least 7% of their holdings every year, imagine how much good works would get funded.