Blog author: hunter.baker
Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Making Men Moral conference at Union University is over, but there are some takeaways. This was a unique engagement of many natural law thinkers such as the Catholics Robert George and Francis Beckwith with Southern Baptists like Russell Moore and Greg Thornbury.

In that connection, Russell Moore delivered a message that I think would be considered a highlight of the conference by anyone who attended. He addressed the differences between Catholics and Evangelicals irenically without being ecumenical in any mushy way and spoke eloquently about the joint engagement by the two groups with the culture.

This was a wholly edifying address that shied away from nothing. For that reason, I’m linking the audio. It is well worth your time if you are interested in the relationship between the two traditions.

Let me underscore. Great address.

  • Ray Nothstine

    Thanks for adding the link. I will definitely listen.

  • Tracy

    Thanks for posting the audio, it sure debunked a lot of steriotypical ideas between catholics and protestants. I certainly took home ideas to educate my friends about religion.

  • jh

    SOunds great . Will listen to it this afternoon