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Video: Sirico on Presidential Prooftexting

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Acton On The AirJordan Ballor has already ably commented on President Obama’s recent comments on taxation and Christian social responsibility. Acton President Rev. Robert A. Sirico now joins the fray, having been called upon by Fox News Channel to add his insight to the discussion. In case you missed yesterday’s appearance on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” we’ve got it for you.

Marc Vander Maas


  • The president indicated that he had been blessed and that he was willing to give up more.  Fortunately he does not have to wait for the IRS to force him to give more in taxes.  He can freely give more RIGHT NOW.  The below link at the Treasury includes instructions on how to make a gift to the US Government:

  • John Couretas

    No, they understand we are the ACTON Institute, as you see by the titles on the clip. A common error, unfortunately.

  • Jbt

    Very interesting contribution although the 10% referral supposedly mentioned in the Bible discredits what he just said before i.e. avoid simplistic use of Bible words that are to be apprehende in their entire context

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