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Video: Rev. Sirico on What to Expect from Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment

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Oceans of ink have already been spilled in the media coverage of Pope Francis’ new encyclical on the environment — and it hasn’t even been released yet. In this reflection, Rev. Robert A. Sirico draws on Catholic social teaching to provide a helpful framework for understanding environmental stewardship. While we wait to find out what’s actually in the new encyclical, expected to be published in June, Acton’s president and co-founder sees a consistent thread of thinking on environmental stewardship that draws on Scripture, core Church teachings and the work of predecessors Benedict XVI and John Paul II. Rev. Sirico’s video commentary is below.

Marc Vander Maas


  • samton909

    Want to know why the Global Warming movement is failing to get any traction? Every month, every person is sent a reminder letter proving that it is not happening.

    It is called a heating bill. Every month, we see very clearly that we have to pay out either more or less to pay for heat. When those heating bills start showing us that things really are getting warmer, then people will pay attention. Until then, we have proof positive that global warming is not happening. In fact, as I write this, the furnace came on, in June. My heating bills have indicated this has been a very cold Spring.

    That being said, the comments coming from the Cardinals in the Vatican have been nothing less than shocking thoughtless. The head of the Congregation on Science recently said something like “Those who disagree with Global Warming must be from the Tea Party, or paid off by big oil interests”. This kind of rather childish commentary indicates that the level of thought has gone way, way down in certain areas.

    • Steven Elieson

      When one looks at the level of analytical thinking coming out of today’s universities, one can clearly observe that the bottom has not yet been reached. We live in interesting times.

    • Childish?
      You just reference your energy bill from your tiny little part of the world to deny a global phenomenon.
      This is the logic of a four year old.

      • jaybird1951

        Global temperatures have not risen in almost 18 years, maybe 19 by one reckoning. No computer model favored by the warmists predicted that. None. Is that enough evidence for you to at least stop and consider that your faith in the global warming hypothesis might be flawed?

      • sntduke

        Wow! really, read what he said again and again and then maybe you might understand. Who is the 4 y/o. Just this year there is more recorded polar ice than since they have kept records. And you know what it is also going to melt and they are going to record that as losing more polar ice than even in the history of records. Just wait of and it will freeze again. Here is a hint the Earth is on a tilted axis and the sun can shine on the our poles, unlike most planets. There have been many times in earths history there was no ice at the polls. How come you never here about that. Love your moniker, you really are a “true believer”. Tell me do you get paid to troll any and all articles like Oblamos war room does. Are you one of the many thousands who have thrown all their chips into this fake science to beg Government for grants to continue falsifying data, to prove your flawed theory. Most of those scientists can’t even get a real job in real science now cause the actual real scientists have no respect for their sham. How many “consensus” building exercises do you attend every year to convince yourself you are right. I strongly suggest you go back and read the evidence and read what the original believers of global warming are now saying about it. These were the guys who you touted as geniuses and now have thrown under the bus because they speak heresy to your religion. Bottom line the data does not even come close to proving a thing and the more and more we scrutinize the data we find none of the scientific procedure have ever been followed. The whole thing is beyond corrupt and just like a minion of Jim Jones you drink the coo-laid. I’ll bet you did not even know that is where the phrase was born, Look it up and learn something for a change. Here is the most damning thing. The one piece of data that is most accurate and irefutable people like you don’t want to talk about. Satellite data shows virtually every claim people like you have made and every prediction that has been forecast has not come to pass. I was actually looking forward to California being under water in 2010. All Gore made a billion dollars off that prediction and in 06 bought a very nice house along the beach in California. So much for your climate messiah. I could go on the rest of the day, but I have better things to do. Show me some science that will stand up to real scientific scrutiny and I will come over to the dark side but until then go back to the little dark hole you crawled out of .

  • Shatners Wig

    What I seem to get from this pope is that the church is wrong and he is right.
    Pope Ratzingers warnings of the spread of moral relativism were right on target.
    Lord, please send us another John Paul II. If you could throw in another Thatcher and Reagan like last time that would be great!

    • Did god send this pope?

    • jaybird1951

      “What I seem to get from this pope is that the church is wrong and he is right.” I have seen nothing said or written by Pope Francis that even remotely justifies a statement like that. Get a grip, man!

      • geoffrobinson

        His silence was deafening in Ireland.

  • mrbiggs2u

    …..Where are all the RealClearPolitics articles on Islam? Why isn’t there a robust analysis of a religion so obviously ‘at work’ in the world’s events today? We all know why…….